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A few notes on life...
I’ve honestly never felt so alone…

I don’t know how else I can say that I need someone right now. Just a friend to be here. Just somebody to listen. I don’t know how many different ways I need to say that I need help. I am struggling, and doing it alone.

Why are good friends impossible to find?

Honestly, all I ask for is someone to show me the same level of care and loyalty that I show them… Really too much to ask? :(

I actually upgraded my PS3 memory…

Proud moment indeed. Gone from the old school 40GB to a fairly hefty 500…


In T-minus 24 hours :D :D

My girlfriend is my world.

She tries so hard to cheer me up. So hard to make me feel loved. She’s everything. And, I love her.

First day back at work, after having been off ill…

And, I really, really don’t wanna go. I’m not if it is ‘cause I am still quite ill, or simply ‘cause I hate the place. But, simply, I don’t wanna go.

Good news Vs. Bad news…

My sister passed her driving test, first time round, this morning. Then, I find out my dad has effectively been told he has roughly a month’s notice for his job. The universe is determined to level things out.

8th Edition


Hey there guys and gals of the Wargaming variety, I had my first game of 8th Ed Warhammer Fantasy today. It’s taken me long enough right? 

I was using my 1000 points of Wood Elves against the ever hungry Ogres

He got first turn and with one failed charge from his Mournefang Cavalry did nothing else besides stick a unit of Leadbelchers in a tower. 

I managed to cast The Hidden Path on my biggest unit of archers after sticking them in a wood then Tree Singing’d said wood closer to the tower, The Hidden Path means my unit can’t be hurt by mundane (nonmagical) missile attacks and they ignore all terrain until my next magic turn. So now being in close range and ignoring the hard cover they were in I managed to kill all three Leadbelchers in one phase!

That pretty much set up the rest of the game, the same unit killed the Mournefang’s in a stand and shoot reaction then finished off the MASSIVE unit of Ironguts which made up most of the guys army.

Overall it was a great first game and I now want the mini Island of blood rulebook to fully read up on the new rules!

Rookie Ogre mistakes. That first game is always intoxicating, isn’t it? Makes you want more. I have two copies of the mini rulebook if you want one? :)